I know what it’s like to feel like a non-artist.

Like because you don’t paint or draw or sketch as a hobby, you feel like a bit of a fraud even offering nail art.

Like what little nail art you can do is never going to be enough because you can’t handpaint the Mona Lisa on a curved fingernail.

I know how it feels when your nail art attempts never turn out how you see it in your head, even when you try really hard.

And the results are even worse when a client brings in a Pinterest request.

Srsly, can’t she see it’s a nail wrap, not handpainted nail art?

And don’t even get me started on posting on social media! I mean, how can you possibly attract new clients with that sort of nail art record?

How can a non-artist use Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as a portfolio when the interwebs loooves fancy nails?

So you end up not posting anything.

And the cycle of feeling not good enough continues.

There’s good news!

Passionate beauty + wellness professionals can still use social media to attract new clients even if they don’t do crazy nail art.

In fact, for us non-artists, it’s easier to attract new clients when we don’t post nail art.

→ If you don’t specialize in nail art, would booking a bunch of nail art clients make you happy?

Probably not!

But that’s the client you’re going to get with a bunch of nail art photos on Instagram.

On the other hand, if you love sculpting perfect smile lines & custom-blending nailbed colors? Would a book full of new Forever French clients make you happy?

Heck yeah!

All this to say…

You don’t need ALL the clients!

You just need dream clients who you enjoy serving + who enjoy paying you for your specialty!

That, Nailfriend, is what you post on social media!

Brochures highlight a business’s strengths, not its weaknesses less-than-passionate offerings.

Use your Instagram grid to do the same thing.

What to post on social media when you don’t do nail art

Some things to think about:

👉 What services make you feel like a total rock star when you’re doing them?

The services you love will provide a bottomless well of content because you’ll love talking about them.

👉 What are your clients’ favorite services to get from you?

Your existing clients are your most valuable resource. Their willingness to pay you is hard proof that you are, in fact, good at what you do!

If you’re having a hard time being clear about this, ask your clients for their honest answers.

👉 Focus on your most profitable services to attract new ideal clients

Just like a client refers someone who’s like them, posting about your most profitable services is a good way to get new clients to buy them.

👉 Pay attention to the words your clients use

when they describe what they love about you, your services, & your salon. Use the same words in your posts to effectively catch more dream clients’ attention as they scroll.

👉 What makes your salon experience special?

Put yourself in a brand new client’s shoes. What would turn a new client into a loyal client? Can she count on you for a new joke every visit? A fizzy drink? A fantastic foot massage? A warm hug after every appointment? Excellent dating advice?

Post about these details to create a social media feed that convinces a potential client to book her first appointment.

While a cute manicure or luxurious pedicure may get a client in the door, its those other details that gets her to keep coming back.

Have you ever felt nervous about using social media to build your clientele because you don’t specialize in a certain service?

How did you overcome it? What do you share on social media to attract new clients? Leave a comment below so we can cheer you on!

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