Hey you.

Yeah, you!

Are you using social media to get new clients? Then start talking to one person.

I know your services benefit ANYONE + EVERYONE.

But when it comes to marketing – aka writing for your website + social media – the old adage is true:

If you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one.


For example:

You can get your nails done by an industry veteran with 15 years of experience + 18 certifications,

Or you can get a handcrafted set of custom nail enhancements that wins against the car seat buckle every time.

One sentence speaks vaguely about you. The other speaks specifically to a certain type of client.

Which one is more likely to make a mom with young kids + sad hands feel a flutter in her heart, stop scrolling + check out your profile to learn more about you, then head to your website to book?

This is because

Humans like to pretend that we’re all logical + reasonable when we buy stuff. In reality, we totally buy based on emotion.

Consider a product everyone needs but doesn’t get much joy from buying: toilet paper. Which one do you go for?

a. The brand with the cute cartoon mascots that promise that’s as soft as it is cleansing, or

b. The brand that saves you the most money while doing the job.

Both are valid reasons. Each creates a very different emotion: Soft + cuddly versus frugal + functional.

Which emotions get you to choose TP?

What I really want to know is,

If you were there the toilet paper company, which customer would you want?

spoiler alert: there’s no wrong answer!

a gif of a man looking serious. Caption reads,  

Just kidding, there is. You can’t have both. These customers are so different, you’ve got to choose one.

Even if you could reach the frugal, functional customer who will also pay more for comfort + cuddliness ⁉️ how many people actually fit that profile? Would the return be worth the headache of trying to figure it out? Or would it be easier to focus on serving the one customer you feel drawn to?

To create that 🔥 emotional connection, it’s hella important to know your ideal client.

Chances are, as an emotionally aware beauty + wellness professional, you already do.

😍 Think of your favorite client.

What’s her lifestyle? Her activity level? How old are her kids? Are her kids human or four-legged? What else do you need to know about her in order to serve her?

👋 Keep her in mind when you post.

Talk to her in your captions. Post images + videos she’d like to see. There are dozens + hundreds + thousands of people out there just like her who are just waiting to find you.

😰 Still worried you’re choking your potential if you focus on 1 person?

Let’s revisit our mom of small kids who is D-O-N-E losing her thumbnails in the daily battle with the carseat.

What you’re really saying in that little sentence is that you create strong nail enhancements that last. NOT that you only serve moms.

If a non-mom with weak, unbalanced nails reads your caption, she’s not thinking, “I can’t book with Suzi because she only serves moms.”

She’s thinking, “Damn, I want strong nails like that! Let me click through to her bio + check out her website.”

When you get specific about your ideal client, you can confidently highlight her problems that you solve.

Calling out problems is one way to elicit emotions. Offering solutions is how you make a connection. The connection is what creates a lasting, loyal client relationship.

Are you ready to start speaking to your 1 Person?

I can help you figure out who the heck she is inside a Pivot Strategy Session.

After this 1-hour session, you’ll begin to fall in love with your ideal client + posting will feel more like writing her love notes than a boring business chore 💕

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