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blog post title reads, what to post on social media when you don't do nail art

What To Post on Social Media When You Don’t Do Nail Art

I know what it’s like to feel like a non-artist. Like because you don’t paint or draw or sketch as a hobby, you feel like a bit of a fraud even offering nail art. Like what little nail art you can do is never going to be enough because you can’t handpaint the Mona...
Blog Post Title: Want more clients from social media? Talk to one person. How being specific in your captions can help clients get off the fence

Want More Clients From Social Media? Start Talking to 1 Person Only

Hey you. Yeah, you! Are you using social media to get new clients? Then start talking to one person. I know your services benefit ANYONE + EVERYONE. But when it comes to marketing - aka writing for your website + social media - the old adage is true: If you try to...
Blog Post Title: 7 Things you can do to support your business while you're not there - Tidying the business end of your beauty + wellness biz in self isolation and beyond

7 Things You Can Do To Support Your Business While You’re Not There

Shut down was inevitable. 3 days after the Colorado Dept of Health + Environment mandated the closure of bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms + casinos, they added "non-essential personal facilities" to the list. Thousands of beauty + wellness professionals were suddenly...

Your Nervous Systems, Stress + Self Care: Self Isolation Resources

this post is about being kind to yourself + others re: how you/they respond to stress aka trauma, which can be hard when you're in close quarters for long periods of time. but first, some biology. Humans have 4 nervous systems that keep us alive from dying. The most...
Blog Post Title reads: Building your beauty and wellness business, The Client Bleed Out

The Client Bleed Out

7 years. That’s how long it took for my cosmetologist friend to lose so many clients that she almost got a day job. The worst part: she didn’t even know she was bleeding out until it was nearly too late. My friend’s 15-year business was built largely on personal...
Blog Post title reads: How You Attract your dream or nightmare client. How you personal brand influences the quality of your clientele

How You Attract Your Dream or Nightmare Client

How your personal brand influences the quality of your clientele

Background of CND Vinylux bottles. Blog post title "How to Get 5 Minute Shellac Removal in real life"

How To Get 5 Minute Shellac Removal IRL

If you know Shellac is a gel polish brand, you probably know that a Shellac manicure will remove easily without nail damage in only 5 minutes. REALLY! If your Shellac removal takes longer than 5 minutes, here are a few reasons that may happen:   You buffed the...