Go from 😒 to 😍 about your small business social media

Even if you don’t know what the heck to post

…or how to get the pics, vids + captions 😵

Social media marketing has been on your to-do list for so long that when you log into Instagram, you have to recover your password. Again. For the 8th time.

I know that horrifying moment you’ve been avoiding.



You’re trying to figure out what to say so you scroll your camera roll for the right photos. This decision alone triggers panic, like that moment you realized you hit “reply all” on that work email.

And the right words to articulate your zone of genius are harder to come by than a parking spot at Target on a Sunday afternoon 🎯

Up until now, everyone’s made it seem so easy: perfect photo + pithy caption = tons of new clients.

They say you need to do social media marketing but they don’t really tell you why. Nor do they tell you how to use it for your unique business.

I get it. You’re a visionary business owner with a high Enneagram 7. You wrangle the B I G ideas and check off the action items to turn them into reality. You like to be in the action of your business. You’re the face of your company and your customers love to refer you by name.

You’re too busy wowing your clients to scroll Facebook + repost memes.

And you’re definitely ready to get social media off your to-do list so you can bring in more clients + do what you do best: serve them.


Finally, kick back + relax knowing your social media is taken care of

+ STOP feeling paralyzed by random photos + blank captions screens.

Social media that charms clients (+ sounds just like you wrote it!)

Whether you choose a single Social Media Spa Day or a full-service Styling + Management regimen, you’ll get:

⚡ Months’ worth of gorgeous, personalized posts already done for you – literally

⚡ More time to nurture new leads instead of stressing about creating ‘meh’ content

⚡ Peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going to be posted when without having to do it yourself

⚡ The confidence of knowing your offers are being promoted online in a timely manner, increasing sales!

What’s Included?

Social Media Spa Day

One day. One month’s worth of social media. The easiest way to get consistent with your content. Perfect for you if you’re comfortable on social media + get juiced checking your likes + DM’s.

  • A month of customized social captions – up to 3 per week
  • A month of social story outlines – up to 3 per week
  • A month’s worth of social images – up to 3 per week if applicable. Your images will be formatted for social posting
  • Skills + Sass Brand consultation
  • Social Intention interview
  • FREE video audit of your Facebook or Instagram profile, including tips to help you attract more of your dream clients
  • Investment starts at $1300


Social Media Styling + Management

Rest + relax while I take social media off your plate entirely. I create, post + monitor engagement so you don’t have to. Perfect for you if the thought of social media makes you break out in hives.


  • A month of custom social captions – at least 3 per week
  • A month of social story outlines – at least 3 per week
  • A month of social images – at least 3 per week
  • Done For You social post publishing
  • Weekly social story publishing (weekdays guaranteed)
  • Skills + Sass Brand consultation
  • Monthly Social Intention interview
  • FREE audit of your Facebook or Instagram profile, including tips to help you attract more of your dream clients
  • Daily engagement monitoring (weekdays guaranteed)
  • Daily DM digest (weekdays guaranteed)
  • Monthly analytics report for Facebook or Instagram
  • Investment starts at $1800/mo

How Does It Work?

→ Consultation

We’ll talk about the current state of your business, clientele + goals to determind how you can use social media to boost your books + revenue. If it’s a good fit, book your Spa Day.

→ Book Your Spa Day

Book your kickoff call. If your Spa Day is booked within 14 days, payment in full is required. Otherwise, you have the option to put down a 50% deposit + with the balance due 14 days prior to your Spa Day.

→ Write Love Letters

To make the most of your Spa Day, complete your welcome packet at least 48 hours before our kickoff call. Your answers help me understand your business’s mission, target audience, visual aesthetic + brand voice.

→ Rejuvenation!

On Spa Day, you relax + do what you do best. I write, compile + design your social media, sending progress notes during the day. By noon on Wednesday, I’ll send over all your files + video tutorial.

Book a call + let’s chat social media magic!

Accio Social Media Spa Day! Get started by booking a consultation below.