Cultivate a thriving nail business of services + clients you love


without working more, buying extra supplies or keeping clients who suck the life out of you


Hey Nailfriend!

I see you making the world a better place 10 fingers at a time.

You make doing nails look easy:

Manicures, pedicures, transforming sad little nubs into gorgeous talons.

All while playing therapist, mother, sister, even pastor 🙏

In a cloud of glitter & nail dust, you took ownership of your business.

You invest in professional products.

You invest in your clients’ home care.

You invest in your skills with education.

And you get that owning a business isn’t just about making a profit. It’s about contributing beauty to the world. It’s about becoming the best version of you possible.

You’re not just a nail technician. You’re a nail professional.

High five, nailfriend. You’re in the right place.


Earn more + work less for being the best version of you.


You deserve it.

As a passionate nail professional, you can leverage what you like + what you’re good at to create the freedom you want:

→ Time

→ Financial

→ Creative

…which one is it for you?

Your business thrives when it reflects your personal talents, skills + preferences.

It stops being hard.

You begin creating a business you love with loyal clients, a flexible schedule + more income.

After all, isn’t that why you started your business?

If the technique is tricky, Mary finds a way to break it down into something a little easier to achieve. Her classes and demos are fun and inspirational. When she gives feedback, she is always positive, heartfelt, and truly wants to assist in others improvement and help their business grow!

Kristina S.

Salon Owner + Nail Professional, Kristinacure

How can you grow your business?


Business breakthrough

I  see you, hustler! You’re a boss at managing your clients + doing the work yourself. You’re just looking for a bit of guidance + some feedback.

Make like an all-star Quidditch Keeper + catch the snitch a live 1:1 session for real talk, instant feedback + ready-to-implement strategy – 100% customized to your unique business.


Marketing + Growing Clientele

Does waiting for client referrals to grow you business feel like watching grass grow?

Let me show you how to let your website + social media to fill your books for you – and grow your waitlist faster than a chia pet!



Nail Skills Classes

Looking to challenge those talented hands of yours? Up your nail game with award winning education by CND!

Classes come with fully stocked class kits, certificates + swag. CND classes count for CE credits, but double check with your distributor host for documentation.

Mary addressed every issue on which I was having difficulty and I found her to be an inspired educator and public speaker. I admire the technique and mastery of her skill. Mary helped me to find a confidence in Liquid and Powder and I am encouraged to further my Craft! Thank you again!

Carmen R.

Cosmetology Student

Who’s trimming these nails hedges, anyway?

Hey, beauty maker! I’m Mary 👋

I’m a veteran Nail Professional, Toy Story quoter + #Hufflepuff4Life. Celebration is my superpower, yo.

I help beauty + wellness professionals cultivate businesses that thrive, both financially + energetically. 

Using low key stalker psychology-based client research methods + branding interviews so comprehensive you might think it’s actually a background check, I turn your business from a choked potted plant into the blossoming money tree you never knew you had!

Water the seeds of your prosperity

Just like a farm needs the right soil to grow crops, your business is a container to grow a book of clients.

Make sure they’re the right clients for you – ones that contribute to the growth of your beauty + wellness business. NOT weeds that choke it to death.

I can help you fertilize your business with weed killers strategy + targeted online marketing:

✅ Turn your website into a 24/7 receptionist that grows your waitlist faster than sunflowers in a Colorado field

✅ Social media that plants seeds of devotion in your dream clients’ minds

✅ Prune your business strategy like a bonsai tree to grow with your strengths + goals

Like your very own backyard food forest, cultivate a business that feeds the mind, body + soul for you, your clients and your community.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Add equal parts of fun, quirk + nerdiness to your inbox. Massage your marketing + watch your business glow.

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