Salon Decor, Nail Techniques, Marketing, Management, Self Care + more resources to help you grow a healthy business mentally, physically + financially

In the spirit of access, we’ve curated this list of resources that do NOT require proof of licensure. If you’re looking for professional CND products, we recommend Premier Nail Source + Pink Pro Beauty for great service + fast shipping.

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a woman with dark hair and deep red lipstick models her nails. They are short oval wearing CND Shellac shade Field Fox, a nude color. They are topped with metallic silver foil.

Facilitation + Marketing

Post on social media confidently + consistently so that more clients see you work + fill your books.

Tested, tried + true supplies that will make capturing your nails + tutorials easier + faster. 

The BEST articulating camera stand! Fits all phone sizes

My favorite ring light with flexible neck

My 2nd favorite, more cost effective ring light

Photography lightbox

Natural nail tips for tutorials + press ons

Use a flat, grey background for best color balance

USB-C to lightning cable (Mac/Macbook Pro to iPhone)

Soft light table light
Place 1 lamp on each side of the demo camera for even lighting

Sliding webcam cover

Portable charger
2 charges iPhone, 1.6 charges Samsung

Nail Art

Add $10K+ to your annual revenue with SIMPLE nail art – even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

Cost effective nail art supplies that won’t break the bank while adding to your bottom line.

A gif of peek-a-boo nail art on clear CND Plexigel enhancements. The top of the nails is decorated in a rainbow swirl. The bottoms of the nail art decorated in leopard print.

Foil Leafing

AB crystals assorted shapes

Dried flowers for embedding

Elegant metallic studs + elements

Neutral metallic + holographic nail art transfer foils

Holographic + metallic nail art foil flakes

Fine glitter for all occasions

Chunky glitter for more dimension

Swarovski crystals assorted sizes + colors

Swarovski crystals assorted sizes + colors

Clear Swarovski crystals assorted sizes

Crystal Pixie dust

Crystal placement tool + tweezers

Silicon burnishing tool

Suuuper fine detail brushes

Complete nail art brush set
A gif of a nail professional filing nails.

Salon Supplies

For best wear, color retention + cost per service, we recommend CND professional products.

Below, check out our favorite PPE, sundries + decor to elevate your service experience, improve ergonomics + minimize expenses.

Safety glasses

Black nitrile gloves with textured fingertips

Black disposable face masks

KN95 masks

32 oz spray bottles for easier disinfectant dilution

Barbicide disinfectant

Disinfectant tray with clear window

Small measuring beakers

Metal polish racks (holds 120 bottles of Shellac)

Triangle polish rack

Wooden polish rack

Clear acyrlic polish rack

Tree nail polish rack

Toeless socks are great client gifts + reduce waste in the salon

Soft wrist cushion for client comfort + your posture

Swivel saddle chair for good posture


Run your business smoothly + professionally with software that makes it easy. We can also help you set up your software. That’s how much we want you to succeed!

Card processing


Flexible card processing with fast deposits. Get $1000 in free processing.



Flexible scheduling allows multiple providers + locations, deposits + prepayment

Email Marketing


Send profitable emails to the right customers at the right time.

Social Media


Free social media scheduling to help you save time while staying consistent

Web Hosting


Reliable up-time + excellent support for experts + non-webmasters alike

Workshops, Classes + Training

Add value to + charge more for your services with advanced training in nail skills + business. Here are some of our favorites that are easy to implement + immediately increase you ROI.

Nail Skills Online Course

Nail Knowledge

Essential nail knowledge + diploma program to equip you to work safely + ethically

Business Workshop

Priced To Thrive

Discover how to price properly for your area + plan your next steps for more income + time

Self Care

Ziva Online

Meditating for 15 minutes reduces stress, expands patience + makes busy salon days more joyful. Get 3 free lessons here.

Email Marketing


Build relationships in the most sacred of online spaces: your clients’ inbox.



A virtual co-werking + learning space for entrepreneurs who want to do business differently.


Scale Society

Create the foundations that will set your business free.

Social Media Marketing

Reels Report

Get 4 trending reels audios each week + easily create algorithm-friendly Instagram video content.