If you know Shellac is a gel polish brand, you probably know that a Shellac manicure will remove easily without nail damage in only 5 minutes.


If your Shellac removal takes longer than 5 minutes, here are a few reasons that may happen:


  1. You buffed the nail plate before applying Shellac.
  2. You didn’t finish the Shellac manicure with XPress5 Top Coat.
  3. You aren’t using CND Shellac Nourishing Remover & Foil Remover Wraps together.

Think of Shellac removal as a two-sided coin.

On one side, you have the application process. On the other, you have the removal process.

Each side may seem completely different from each other, but they both play a SUPER important role in safe, non-damaging removal, as well as easy application.


Let’s look at the “heads” side of the Removal Coin: Application.

The part of the application affects removal time: which Shellac Top Coat you use.


If you’re looking for easy, non-damaging Shellac removal in only 5 minutes, use XPress5 Top Coat.

Shellac’s Original Top Coat is the choice for highest shine. It removes safely + easily in 8 minutes.

Shellac Special Effects Top Coats give you a Matte, Glitter or Pearl effect without adding extra cure time. These also remove damage-free in 8 minutes.

Duraforce is the toughest, more durable Shellac Top Coat. It removes easily + safely in up to 15 minutes.

All 6 Top Coats are permanent members of the Shellac family, so choose the one that best serves your client’s needs + adjust your removal time accordingly.

Second part of application that affects removal time: Base Coat application!

Do you remember the proprietary (aka 100% original & patented) reason that makes Shellac adhere so perfectly to the nail plate?

Shellac’s top secret polymer technology adheres to the strongest part of the nail plate, the thick oil mantle.

Buffing the nail, even with a “fine” buffer, can remove that strong foundation, potentially causing chipping at the extension edge & longer removal time.

To decrease removal time, do NOT buff the nail before application.


Now, the “tails” side of the Removal Coin: Removal.

Like Shellac application, Shellac removal is SYSTEMIZED. If you want 5-minute, safe, non-damaging removal, use the system together as directed.

CND Shellac Offly Fast Nourishing Remover removes 20% faster than acetone alone and contains conditioning oils to prevent skin drying. Its pleasant cucumber fragrance makes a comfortable, premium service for your client.

If saving product is your jam, CND Foil Remover Wraps are a must!

These unassuming, beautiful little pieces of foil are overlooked in the name of saving money.

In my business, they’re 100% worth the $0.80 cost per service for the perfectly calibrated cotton pad, which holds exactly the right amount of Offly Fast to safely remove a Shellac manicure.

The Wrap itself fits even the biggest fingers I’ve worked with. Its foil material prevents product evaporation.

At $19.95 a 250-pack, CND Foil Remover Wraps are a no-brainer business investment for my busy salon.

As with all things in our beautiful nail business, viewing Shellac removal holistically will save you money, time + your client’s natural nail health.

If you’d like to see Shellac application, art, & removal in person + get exclusive business-building benefits like being listed on CND.com’s Salon Locator so clients can find you automatically, join me for a Shellac Advantage class.


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