With only 1 day of effort, you can have 3 months of stellar social media content (finally!)

I’ll take content creation off your plate and serve up fresh social media, hot + beautifully presented like my sister’s world-famous Palisade peach pie

It’s easy to forget that social media for local business ain’t the same as posting Mexican Riviera vacay pics for friends + family.


You know that your business feed should have

✅ a consistent look,

✅ a strong brand voice +

✅ engaging stuff to say…

…and it’s paralyzing.

So you desperately repost someone else’s terribly-lit photo of your service, even though you know it doesn’t do your business the justice it deserves. Because

Right now, you’ll take anything to build out your profile without having to think about it so hard.


While most social media managers try to teach small business owners how to build a robust profile, I completely take that pressure off your shoulders.

❌❌❌ No more worrying about what to post,

❌❌❌ Taking pictures that never get edited or

❌❌❌ Limp captions that only speak the obvious.

That’s why I created The Full Monty:

Bespoke social media content creation that showcases your biz’s values, services + genius SKILLS + SASS


Stop dreading planning Instagram content while I do it for you ⚡ at lightning speed ⚡


Beauty + wellness professionals have been delighted with results like these from The Full Monty:

⚡ Months’ worth of gorgeous, personalized posts already done for you – literally

⚡ More time to nurture new leads instead of stressing about creating ‘meh’ content

⚡ Feeling more confident to post your own material in addition to your custom content

⚡ Peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going to be posted when without having to do it yourself

⚡ The satisfaction of knowing your offers are being promoted online in a timely manner

 This isn’t about you learning how to create content that looks like everyone else’s.

It’s me handing you the full package that looks + sounds like your unique business.

From Denver, Colorado – the land that inspired The Shining – I make stellar social media content for passionate beauty + wellness professionals. With The Full Monty bespoke content creation package (heh), you get 3 months of tip-top social media ready to charm your dream clients.

Here’s how it works:

The Meet Cute

Schedule our first meeting to talk about your current social state and your goals. Send me your social handles, existing branding info (if you’ve got it) + your goals.

The  Macguffin

You complete a robust inventory to help me understand your business, learn about your audience + create your unique skills + sass content strategy.

Lights, Camera…

My astral team of pro photographers + videographers capture your business’s charming personality. It’ll be short and sweet + I’ll be there to direct you throughout.

The Cutting Room Floor

You choose your favorite photos. I do my copywriting thang + you get the final say on what gets published.

It’s Show time!

Within 4 weeks, meticulously crafted photos + captions are scheduled to post on your desired platforms. You don’t even have to remember to press a button!


With only 1 day of hands-on work, you’ll have 3 months of gorgeous social media content magically appear without the stress of hitting “Share”

Mary is so fun to work with! Working with her doesn’t feel like work. For the photo shoot, she really took on the role of creative director. Mary found a great location, brought on awesome talent, and was there to make sure everything went smoothly.

Sarah A.

Copywriter, Sarah Marie Global

The Full Monty is social media content creation solution if:


👍 You know your business’s social media deserves pro-quality content

👍 You hate the idea of planning Instagram content

👍 You want to book clients from social media


It’s true that you can learn how to create content on your own. But as THE business owner, is that really where your time is best spent? You’ve got bigger dances to choreograph, yo.

That’s why, with me as your professional fangirl + social media content creation director, you get:

🌟 A customized grid layout optimized to entice new visitors

🌟 Fresh copy that will make your clients wonder if you’ve been reading their emails

🌟 Photos that flatter you + your business

🌟 Set it + forget it posting–never worry about pressing a button to post your content again!

🌟 Customized hashtag lists for different post types to maximize reach + engagement

I’m ready! What’s the investment?

Bespoke social media content creation starts at $2,500 for 12 weeks of content, with discounts available for 6, 9 or 12 month engagements.

Click below to start get your content on my calendar ASAP ⚡

Not sure If you need custom social media? Drop a line + let’s see if we can whip up social media magic

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