Turn your online presence from a “just add milk” boxed dessert to a scratch made Palisade peach pie!

Whether you’re looking for more qualified clients or trying to up your street industry cred, I’ll help you spice up your website + social media so your people find you.

You’re disappointed with the potential clients you’re (not) reaching online

And rightly so!

You are damn good at what you do.

You’ve got the testimonials + a decent clientele to prove it *snap snap*

But you know there’s more to growing a thriving business than waiting for client referrals.

The internet is full of of people you can help.

But when you do score a new client from social media — or was it your website? 🤔 — you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

❓ Will she be on time?
❓ Did she book the right service time-wise?
❓ Am I going to like her?
❓ Is she going to like me?

There’s a better way to reach new clients online.

Discover your secret recipe for attracting dream clients online with ease

and get them to book faster than choosing an entree at The Cheesecake Factory


As an unbiased professional who loves shining the spotlight on the best in people,

I stir up (not shake) your exceptional cocktail of sass + skills into an irresistible online presence…

…and package it like a curated box of Belgian chocolates with your ideal client’s name on the gift tag.

A custom project could be the cheese to your macaroni if:

👉 You’re passionate afserving your clients with everything you’ve got

👉 You want clients who will become regulars

👉 You believe in the experience you create for your clients

I completely trust Mary’s mindset, plan and efforts; I did not feel a need to require an activity schedule from her to check up and validate your work, yet at the same time when she did need information, Mary was quick to reach out.

Maureen P.

Owner, The Barre Code Lone Tree


How do I serve up Bespoke Web Copy + Social Media?

Enjoy your custom web or social media served up like a 3-course meal.


Get to know your clients over drinks + appetizers

Every great party starts with the right guest list. You wouldn’t invite toga-sporting frat boys to your formal dinner party, right?

That’s why every custom project starts with low key stalker psychology-based research on your business, clients + competition. We’re going to get your people to come to your party.

Serve up your messaging like the main course

I’ll simmer all the data to create the foundation of your website + social media.

As I whip up your custom content, we’ll meet regularly so you can monitor temperatures progress + offer feedback.

Everyone's favorite part: dessert!

Et voila, your content is delivered, freshly plated for the platform of your choice.

Social media is automatically posted on your behalf. Website are published with hosting, security certificates + domain hosting for 1 year.

How’s it Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

Tailored Web Design

Your website is like your 24/7 receptionist, interviewing potential clients, making sure they’re a good fit before they hire you + increasing client retention.

Make sure it’s not slacking off while you’re not looking with phsycology-based copy, the perfect visuals + thoughtful design that coaches your dream clients to book.

Bespoke Social Media

Like brussels sprouts + kale, social media marketing is trendy af! It’s free, it’s plentiful + it’s a darn good way to get new clients in the door.

Like mapping out your route on free sample day at Costco, make the most of this powerful tool to get new bookings while serving your dream clients.

Not sure which one to choose? Book a call and let’s see if we can shake up social media magic

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