With the right support, go from confused about social media to confidenTly creating content

Whether it’s a mindset block or a detour on the way to social media mastery, I’ll help you get your wheels turning so you can find your dream clients online


Finally know how to turn casual scrollers into clients who book

You’re a capable, smart, dedicated beauty + wellness professional.

A fresh beauty school grad looks at your appointment book with the same hope a small-time inventor walks into the Shark Tank with.

But you know better than to rest on your laurels.

Your current mission: use social media to stay ahead of natural client turnover – aka that average 10% annual thinning in clientele due to circumstances outside of your control.

Your current results? Let’s say they’re slightly more disappointing than every the season finale of The Bachelor.

Over and over, you post a killer photo of your work with a handful of hashtags. A few hours later you’ve racked up some likes from other beauty pros and your existing clients but

❌ No comments.

❌ No DMs.

❌ No new client bookings.


And your heart drops because you wasted an ah-mazinggg photo on *chirp chirp* crickets.

What the actual F?

Chances are, you’re missing just one teensy ingredient in your unique flavor of social media content creation.

And your heart drops because you wasted an ah-mazinggg photo on *chirp chirp* crickets.

What the actual F?

Chances are, you’re missing just one teensy ingredient in your unique flavor of social media content creation.


Discover your premium social media content recipe in as little as a day

and create content that turns scrollers into clients quicker than Gordon Ramsay turns drill sergeant on an apathetic chef.

Enlist a professional –

one who knows how to get clients to book in-person services –

to help you optimize your unique social media content creation strategy in a single consulting session.

A 1-on-1 session could be the blake to your Adam if:

👉 You’re an established beauty + wellness professional with services you like + have successfully booked

👉 You’ve got at least 1 favorite client

👉 You have done (or are willing to do) the work yourself*

      *If you’d rather outsource the heavy lifting, check out custom work

👉 You just want some guidance + direction on how to optimize your social media

👉 You’re looking for solutions, not reasons to justify what’s not working

👉 You have a vision for where you want your business to be in a year

Where can you supercharge your social media content creation strategy?


Ever heard that adage, “If you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one”? It’s true, my beauty-making friend. And nowhere is that more apparent than on the loud, massive landscape of social media. Streamline how you talk about your services in a way that gets your ideal client to book without being too salesy.


All the pundits + experts (myself included) preach consistency in content creation + engagement. So why doesn’t the formula work for you? Analyze your habits (or sneaky sabotagey behaviors) to create + fine tune a system that you can actually stick with.


That moment that you open up Instagram and tap the “+” button … scroll through 7 pages of photos … and swipe away in defeat because you can’t choose a single freakin’ photo to write about 😩😩

Beat writer’s block (or a super busy season that left you zero time to take photos + videos) with a laser-focused content strategy. One that burns so deep in your soul you can’t wait to get it out there in the media of socials.

3 Ways to build momentum

Pivot Session

1 Hour Strategy Session

Play + simmer. A live 1-hour meeting to get you a quick win + clarity on a challenge in your business. This is like a light, casual chat with a friend… except this friend an unbiased, solutions-focused pro who will tell it like it is, not just say what you want to hear.

This is a great step giant leap toward entrepreneurial badassery if you’ve never been in a consulting or mentorship relationship before.

Co-Working Magic

Half Day Co-Working Session

Proactive + hands-on. A live 3-hour session where we work together, in real-time, on whatever you need. The more you have prepared, the more we can get done, so I recommend doing some pre-work. However, it isn’t manadatory.

This is for you if you’ve got a bunch of half-done captions, service menus, etc. + you just want a pro to finish it for you.

Assisted GSD Day

Full day Session

Get Sh!t DONE with support on speed dial. A day of support + coaching using the walkie talkie app Voxer. Like the Pivot, this session will help you gain clarity + direction as you dive into your question or challenge. You can take your time to work through questions, process your thoughts + get my feedback for a full 12 hours.

This is for you if you’re willing to do the work to create lasting transformation in your business but want time + space to process the work.

My favorite part of working with Mary is her ability to see the big picture (the vision) and make actionable steps to get there.

Jessica J.

Enneagram Expert + Coach, Restoring Relationships Coaching

Not sure which one to choose? Book a call and let’s see if we can make social media magic

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