Shut down was inevitable.

3 days after the Colorado Dept of Health + Environment mandated the closure of bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms + casinos, they added “non-essential personal facilities” to the list.

Thousands of beauty + wellness professionals were suddenly out of work for 6 weeks.

Personal conversations + social media reflected a wide gamut of reactions: panic, anxiety, anger, fear, uncertainty, excitement to rest, humor…

Whatever you’re feeling right now, please know that it’s okay to feel it. Your experience is 100% valid.

This is some strange, new stuff we’re getting used to right now, individually + as a collective. Our nervous systems are processing the stress as best as they can. I wrote a blog post about it, if you want to learn more.

Personally, I decided tried to take the weekend before committing to any actions or responses.

After 4 days of planning, impatient outbursts, inexplicable waves of guilt, sleepless nights, aimless drives with the sunroof open, dance parties + Netflix binges, I felt ready to return to my power.


✨ The power to choose how to respond.

✨ The power to choose your perspective.

✨ The power to choose to honor your emotions.

✨ The power to choose your next step.

And even if you accidentally give your power away to the news, social media, crappy situations, crappy people, etc…

You can always choose again, choose to take back your power.

What you choose now will affect the weeks + months ahead, through quarantine + when your business is back up + running.

In my experience,

Action dissolves fear, not worry. Because when you act, you own your power.


If you’re worried about your business, taking proactive, positive action in your business can help to ease the anxiety.

Even if you weren’t feeling complacent about business before you were forced to shut down, which could look like:

😒 tolerating the same ol’ same ol’ just to get by

😒 lacking clients

😒 feeling uninspired

😒 delaying a price increase

😒 feeling bored with your services

…now might actually be a good time to spring clean your business.

(because goodness knows you’ll have Marie Kondo-ed every room in your house before this thing is over.)

Your business could be as fit, clean, relaxed + inspired as you + everyone else in your Instagram feed looks when you can finally hold hands with your beloved clients again!

Things you can do to support your business while your salon is closed:

1. Service Audit

Do you have some services that you don’t like anymore? Or some services you want to add to your menu? Analyze your services + their margins so you’re ready to max your profitability when you return to the chair.

2. Client Research

The most effective marketing sounds like it came from your dream clients heart. Do some productive IG stalking so you’re marketing actually attracts the right clients, not nightmare ones.

3. Website + Service Menu

Then put it all together + make over your website so that it talks directly to new dream clients to get them to book!

4. Emails + Texts

In addition you refreshing automessages, stay in touch with your clients + check in on them. We see our clients at least twice a month + now’s a good time to tell them we won’t take it for granted ever again. 

** I’ve been obsessed with the app Marco Polo – hooray for video messages without the disappointment of unanswered FaceTime calls.

5. Social Media

If you don’t have a photo station to take photos of your finished work yet, make one. Update your social profile bios with your new service info. Finally schedule alllll those photos you’ve taken but didn’t have time to post before!

6. Taxes

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year! Things are changing fast in response to the spread of COVID-19, so ask your accountant or financial planner how you can ride the wake of this furlough.

7. Self Care

You can’t take good care of others when you’re not taken care of. Support your immune system + your nervous system by listening to your body, staying hydrated, grounding + honoring what arises. Meditation helps a tonnnnnn!

8. Keep In Touch

Remember, we’re in this together! Please share below: What is your current experience? How are you feeling about your business in light of mandatory social distancing? How do you intend to use this mandatory off time? No such thing as wrong answers 😉

You are seen. You are heard 💕

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you decide to purchase something using one of these links, I may receive a commission. Best believe I only  promote services + products I have used myself and believe will truly benefit my friends + readers.

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