Hit fast forward on your social media + get back major hours in your week

even if you’ve struggled knowing what the heck to post 

(never mind getting the pics, vids + captions 😵)

True or False?

Social media marketing has been on your to-do list for so long that when you log into Instagram, you have to recover your password. Again. For the 8th time.

I know that horrifying moment you’ve been avoiding.


You’re trying to figure out what to say so you scroll your camera roll for the right photos. This decision alone triggers panic, like that moment you realized you hit “reply all” on that work email.

And the right words to articulate your zone of genius are harder to come by than a parking spot at Target on a Sunday afternoon 🎯

Up until now, everyone’s made it seem so easy: perfect photo + pithy caption = tons of new clients.

They say you need to do social media marketing but they don’t really tell you why. Nor do they tell you how to use it for your unique business.

I get it. You’re a visionary business owner with a high Enneagram 7. You wrangle the B I G ideas and check off the action items to turn them into reality. You like to be in the action of your business. You’re the face of your company and your customers love to refer you by name.


You’re too busy wowing your clients to scroll Facebook and repost memes.


And you’re definitely ready to get social media off your to-do list so you can attract more clients and do what you do best: serve them.


Finally, your local online marketing + social content creation plan served with style at ⚡lightning speed⚡

I deliver fully customized social media content at 88mph (1.21 gigawatts of electric power included) so you can finally

stop feeling paralyzed by random photos and blank caption screens.

I really value the time that Mary put into learning The Barre Code brand so that she could successfully represent the brand to the public.

Maureen P.

Owner, The Barre Code Lone Tree

How fast do you wanna go?


I'm a wizard, Harry!

I  see you, hustler! You’re a boss at managing your clients + doing the work yourself. You’re just looking for a bit of guidance + some feedback.

Dive into a social media marketing self study program + implement these tried-and-true methods for getting more real life people into your brick + mortar business.

And if you’re looking for a quick win, make like an all-star Quidditch Keeper + catch the snitch a live 1:1 session for real talk, instant feedback + ready-to-implement strategy – 100% customized to your unique business.



Make Like Elsa + Let Go (of the Social Media Struggle)

Let me take social media content + copy off your plate for good!

I’ll dig into your business’s history to uncover the story-driven gems that call in your dreams clients quicker than a dinner bell in the wild west.

You sit back + stay in your zone of genius while I deliver fully optimized social media content + strategy that persuades your audience to book while growing your authority.

I’ve got you covered from conception to implementation. All you have to do is snag a spot in my iCal to get started 👇

Mary’s a cheerleader, rooting for me to meet my goals and have my strengths shine. Sometimes, having someone really believe in what you’re doing is the extra boost you truly need.

Julie A.

Photographer, The Love Machine By Julie

Who’s driving this time machine, anyway?

#BackToTheFuture (when brick + mortar marketing wasn’t all algorithms)

Hey, Doc! I’m Mary 👋

I’m a beauty industry veteran, Toy Story quoter + #Hufflepuff4Life. Celebration is my superpower, yo.

I help beauty + wellness professionals use the internet to find their dream clients.

Using low key stalker psychology-based client research methods + branding interviews so comprehensive you might think it’s actually a background check, I turn your social media (+ website!) from a busted up playground to a dream-come-true theme park where visitors fastpass from your DMs into your client roster..

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

Stellar social media marketing and content creation works because it drives your dream customer to take the next logical step: become your paid client.

But to do it well, they’ve got to know the next steps to take. Tell them with branded, delightful copy that entices them into your client roster.

I can help you coach those tantalizing next steps like Hansel + Gretel’s breadcrumb trail with on-brand, wordsmithing deliciousness across your all your local online marketing:

✅ website

✅ online ads

✅ review sites like Yelp and Google

Make them feel like you’re a fairy godmother living in their fantasy gingerbread house. Without the giant oven.